Zayn Malik: Her mother is happy to meet her baby Trisha!


Trisha Malik is a proud grandmother. Zayn Malik’s mom is very happy to have met her baby girl for the first time!

Gigi Hadid recently gave birth to her first baby with Zayn Malik. And the young woman can count on the support of her stepmother, Trisha Malik.

The mother of the former One Direction singer met her granddaughter for the first time. And the meeting moved Trisha Malik a lot.

Indeed, since the baby was born in September, the latter has remained in the United States, where the young woman gave birth to him. And Trisha Malik therefore made the trip to see her little girl.

Zayn Malik’s mother, who therefore lives in England, made the trip to visit her son’s daughter. A source reported that Trisha was therefore greeted with pancakes by her beautiful daughter.

A delicate attention that Zayn Malik’s mother has therefore decided to share with her 542,000 followers on social networks. “Thanks Gigi for the pancakes, they look delicious,” she wrote.


This is the third time that Trisha Malik has been a grandmother. Indeed, Zayn’s mother therefore became a grandmother for the first time in January after her life Saafa gave birth to her son.

Zayn and his mother are therefore very close. The singer even bought her a house in Bradford a few years ago, proof of his love for her.

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik therefore welcomed their first baby in September. And it was via social media that the two lovers shared the good news.

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“Our daughter arrived in great health. So it’s hard for me to say what I’m feeling right now, it’s even impossible. The love I have for this little being is beyond comprehension. I’m happy to know her, and proud to call her mine. I thank the life that we are going to have together “, he wrote.


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