Zara Rahim froze blood for Trump caught in coronavirus


Both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama’s senior campaign employee Zara Rahim and comedian Kate Willett faced a great reaction from their social media accounts because of their tweet about Donald Trump’s caught in Covid-19.

US President Donald Trump caught a new type of coronavirus and was taken to the military hospital for precautionary purposes.

Zara Rahim, who previously worked at the Digital Strategy Office for Barack Obama and served as the national spokesperson for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, drew reactions to her tweet.

Rahim, who said, “Tweeting this for the last four years is against my moral identity, but I hope he will die,” closed his profile upon reactions.

Comedian Kate Willett said, “I really don’t want anyone to see me as bad or callous, so I just hope that Trump will die from Covid-19,” and deleted his tweet after the reactions.

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