Zara launches the new Pokémon boots that every fan must have


Zara launches the new Pokémon boots that every fan must have. Be a true Pokémon trainer with these amazing and powerful boots. Win all your battles as Ash Ketchum with the new Pokemon Boots.

Pokémon is one of the most beloved anime by the public, both young and old enjoy the adventures of the talented Ash Ketchum , the strong Misty , the flirtatious Brock and the adorable Pikachu .

The Zara clothing chain has become a great exponent of international fashion , the company always relies on street trends to fill its shelves with fabulous designs. Now, the company of the Inditex group was carried away by its more animated side when launching the Pokémon boots.

That’s right, the Zara China website will pre- sell black ankle boots inspired by the iconic Japanese cartoon ‘ Pokémon ‘, the special touch of the design are the heels that are shaped like ‘ Poké balls ‘.

The ‘ Pokéballs ‘ are the spheres that Pokémon trainers use to capture their creatures in the wild. These new Pokemon boots are priced at about 129 yuan and the biggest fans in the series are expected to purchase their pair.

Although it is not known when they will be available on this side of the world, we are sure that the Pokémon- inspired boots are an incredible investment for those who want to combine their taste for anime and fashion.

Other important companies that merged their styles were the shoe company FILA and Nickelodeon, both launched sneakers inspired by the characters of Los Rugrats, with these colorful sneakers and accessories you will feel like a child.


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