Zahia Dehar gets involved in animal welfare on Instagram!


Zahia Dehar wants to get involved in the animal cause and let it be known. Thus, on her Instagram account, the young woman shared in Story a publication of the association Peta.

You should know that this one fights for animal rights. Thus, Zahia Dehar shares their post to show her fans that she supports their ideas.

On it we can read a list of terrible things that rats go through in laboratories. “It is completely legal to: burn, electrocute, isolate, poison, starve, restrain and inflict brain damage on rats in laboratories. »We can read.

So here is the list of things rats can go through in laboratories. And Zahia Dehar wanted to denounce this! A very good initiative!


Through this publication, Zahia Dehar wanted to denounce the experiments made with animals. Here, the laboratory rats. You should know that these are used to test products on them for example.

We think of cosmetic products for example. Raised in captivity, they can also serve science. However, animal rights groups often denounce what laboratory animals suffer.

Indeed, there are more and more videos, for example, which denounce intensive farming. Thus, Zahia Dehar for her part wanted to play on her notoriety to share the publication of Peta with her fans.

You should know that the young woman is followed by thousands of people on Instagram. Just that ! So the young woman takes the opportunity to make her voice heard.

A good initiative on his part. On other levels, know that the young woman is very close to nature. Indeed, we can also see it on his Instagram account!

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