Zahia Dehar: his fans very worried about his state of health!


Zahia Dehar: her fans very worried about her state of health!
Zahia Dehar just posted a photo that worried her fans a lot! Indeed, on the picture the young woman is lying on a hospital bed …

Sunday March 29, 2020, Zahia Dehar posted a very disturbing snapshot! Indeed, the photo in question the top model is lying in a Zahia bed … But also on a drip!

In this difficult period of pandemic, the Net surfers were directly made bad blood! Indeed, they directly thought of the worst!

However, the legend of Zahia Dehar suggests that it is a mild health problem! Indeed, the latter wrote in legend “Vitamins”!

In the photo in question, Zahia Dehar poses in a white wool sweater! In addition, the young woman does not look very fit! Indeed, she poses rather tired!

Internet users have therefore asked his wife the reason for her visit to the hospital! They also wished him a good recovery!

“Good luck Zahia! Take your vitamins and stay well confined at home! “Good luck Zahia rest well, we all wish you a lot of courage, I hope it is not too serious! ”

Or again: “What do you have Zahia? We are very worried about you! Treat yourself well and don’t hesitate to abuse vitamins! “I hope you don’t have the coronavirus!” Rest well! »Can we read on the social network!

We therefore invite you to look at the photo in question below! So let’s hope that Zahia recovers quickly!


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