Zack Snyder’s Justice League Memoirs Change The First Human Green Lantern


The first DCEU Green Lantern appears in Zack Snyder’s Justice League, and reimagining the classic character in the film also means replacing Alan Scott, the first superhero to use the nickname “Green Lantern.” Alan Scott is a DC Golden Age superhero who is not a traditional member of the Green Lantern Corps, having received a modified version of Oan’s green power ring that once belonged to Yalan Guru, the Green Lantern of the Earth Sector. Gur appears briefly in Justice League, but his existence in the DCEU implies that Alan Scott does too, and Gur’s reinterpretation means that Scott’s origin must also be changed.

In the main DC Comics universes, Yalan Gur was the legendary Green Lantern who protected Sector 2814, which includes Earth. Unlike most members of the Green Lantern Corps, the Hur Ring had no weakness for yellow objects, but the Guardians of the Universe endowed it with a new weakness: a tree. Gur became a tyrant on Earth, and the weakness of the tree allowed humanity to conveniently push him off the Ground with a simple weapon. While fleeing, Gur encountered the mystical Star Heart, killing Gur and sending his Green Lantern Ring back to Earth, which is now a combination of advanced Guardian technology and Star Heart magic. Alan Scott eventually discovered the ring and used it to help others as the first Green Lantern man, despite not being connected to the Corps.

Zack Snyder’s memoirs of the Justice League show the forces of Earth, including Yalan Gur, uniting against Darkseid and his apokoliptic invaders. Although Hur has only a few moments of screen time and no dialogue, he is portrayed as a noble and heroic character who dies fighting Darkseid himself, sending his ring into space in search of a worthy new owner, according to his program. With Zack Snyder’s interpretation of the film of Yalan Gur as a traditional and altruistic Green Lantern rather than a tyrant, and with his ring apparently being Oan’s usual power ring, the DCEU will need to change its version of Alan Scott if he appears in the DCEU.

DCEU takes the original comic material seriously, providing authentic depictions of DC superheroes, and Alan Scott’s differences from modern Green Lanterns are a key element of his character. Scott predates the creation of the Green Lantern Corps and the Guardians of Oa, and these more well-known elements were introduced in the Silver Age of Comics through Hal Jordan’s Earth-One Green Lantern comics. According to Zack Snyder’s plans for the Justice League, the DC film universe almost includes Jon Stewart and Hal Jordan, but the specific use of Yalan Gur in the memories of the Justice League creates a connection with the original holder of the Green Lantern title.

One way the DCEU can still have Alan Scott’s traditional origin without Yalan Gur being a tyrant is when the ring of Gur collides with the Star Heart as it searches for a new owner. Yalan Gur would have died as a hero and an ordinary Green Lantern orderly, but his ring would be sent back to Earth, now combined with the magic of the Star Heart and the thoughts lost by the Guardians. This would allow Alan Scott to find him and become an atypical Green Lantern, as he did in the comics, while a more heroic version of Yalan Gur would become part of his backstory.

Alan Scott, like other famous heroes of DC’s Golden Age, was part of the Justice Society of America, the forerunner of the more familiar Justice League. The Justice Society will appear in the DCEU through Black Adam, and although it will not include Alan Scott, its existence gives him another opportunity to appear in the franchise. Zack Snyder’s Justice League created Alan Scott with his new version of Yalan Gur, and the Golden Age Green Lantern has the opportunity to join the DCEU with a slightly different origin.