Zack Snyder Wrote The Final Chapter of 300 and Warner Rejected it: “They Are Not My Biggest Fans.”


Zack Snyder: The famous film director admits that he sent the script for a hypothetical third part of 300 and that Warner Bros. rejected the project: “It is what there is.”Zack Snyder, the famous director of films such as 300, Watchmen, Man of Steel, Batman v Superman, the new version of Justice League or the most recent Army of the Dead, among others, continues to share details of his controversial relationship with Warner Bros. after completing his vision of Justice League for HBO Max. So much so, that in a recent interview on the occasion of the premiere of his new zombie movie, he has assured that he sent the script for a hypothetical third part of 300 to Warner Bros. which the studio rejected.

Zack Snyder wants to close the cycle of 300

This is what Snyder has shared in a statement granted to The Playlist (via Screen Rant), ensuring that his idea for a third of 300 was rejected. “During the pandemic, I had an agreement with Warner Bros. and I wrote what was basically going to be the final chapter of 300. But when I sat down to do it, I ended up writing a different movie,” says the director.

“I was writing about Alexander the Great and it ended up being a movie about the relationship between Hephaestion and Alexander. It ended up being a love story, so it didn’t fit like the third movie. But I thought about that concept and it ended up being great. It’s called Blood and Ashes and it’s a beautiful love story with war. I would love to do it. Warner said no, you know they’re not big fans of mine. It is what there is ”, concludes the filmmaker.

We will see if finally Warner Bros. decides to continue with the 300 saga without any relationship with Zack Snyder after the celebrated first installment by the director himself and a sequel, 300: The origin of an empire, which although it did not enjoy the acceptance of the original installment was quite profitable at the box office level, in this case, only as a producer.


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