Zack Snyder shares his thoughts on legacy as Superman


The CGI-removed mustache in the 2017 version had become an internet meme, something that will not happen with the new version.

In the opening scene of Joss Whedon’s Justice League, the movie that was released in theaters in 2017, Superman appeared on a television recording chatting with a child. Everyone realized that the character had something strange about his face. And is that Henry Cavill recorded some additional scenes, but at that time he was shooting another movie, so his face wore a mustache that had to be removed later. What happened is that it became a meme. In an interview with MTV, which collects EW, Zack Snyder has commented on the matter.

The director, who has not seen Joss Whedon’s version, comments that he has come across that image through memes. “It was fun because part of me was happy that we were able that that wasn’t the legacy of the hard work [Cavill] has put in over the last 10 years,” Snyder said. “It’s sad to think that that would have been the last image people had of Superman.”

Around with Superman’s no mustache

Justice League began filming with Zack Snyder as director, but the death of his daughter caused him to abandon the project. By then, Cavill had already shot most of the sequences, but Joss Whedon decided to shoot some additional scenes. The actor, who was working on Mission: Impossible Fallout, was contractually forced to keep sporting a mustache.

Although The Zack Snyder Cut has premiered on HBO, Warner Bros has no intention of continuing to develop this director’s vision in future projects. “We are very excited about the plans we have for all of the multidimensional DC characters that are being developed right now,” said Ann Sarnoff, CEO of Warner Media. To this day it is unknown if Henry Cavill will continue to be Superman in future films.


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