Zack Snyder reveals names of Justice League chapters


Two weeks before Zack Snyder’s Justice League debut on HBO Max, a four-hour adventure, the director of the feature film decided to share some more details about the release, revealing last Wednesday ( 3), the names of the six chapters present in the work.

Presented in two versions, one in black and white, the film will have the following divisions, in free translation:

Part 1: Don’t count on it, Batman
Part 2: The Age of Heroes
Part 3: Beloved mother, beloved son
Part 4: Swap machine
Part 5: All the king’s horses
Part 6: Something darker
Justice League by Zack Snyder is the result of at least three years of fan campaigns and cast for the dissemination of the ideas proposed by the filmmaker, who, here, exhibits his original vision of the history that brings together important names from DC Comics.

To complete his project, Snyder even had the support of Warner Bros.


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