Zack Snyder reveals his dark version of “Young Titans, Go Ahead!” in a new clip


Young Titans, go ahead! got another cameo that caused many DC fans to flock to social media. The director of the Justice League, Zack Snyder, appeared, who was met with a very warm welcome, as many fans asked for the Snyderverse to be returned.

Young Titans, go ahead! This is a comedy animated series based on the titular team, which portrays them in a much more lighthearted way than what many are used to. The show often pokes fun at every DC character, team, and even past released projects like movies or other shows.

An excerpt from the show, which appeared on Twitter and spread across the Internet, showed how the Young Titans oppose Darkseid, while it is illustrated in a much more serious artistic style inspired by the world of DC Snyder. This change of pace was very different from the big-headed mini cartoon sprites that are present in the ongoing parody show. One Twitter user noted that Robin’s costume looks almost exactly like the costume that Snyder designed for his cinematic storyline for DC.

The rest of the characters were very similar to their cartoon counterparts from the original cartoon “Young Titans”, which was broadcast on Cartoon Network. Seeing it was a breath of fresh air, as many fans grew up on a much tougher show and still adopt the lighthearted tone of Teen Titans GO! This show not only brought back memories, but also brought back the army of DC fans who are rightfully calling for the return of “Snyderverse”.

Snyder had many big plans for DC that were never realized, and since then many fans have been calling on the director to achieve the justice he deserves after seeing his vision come to life. After the “Justice League” with Snyder, many fans began to sympathize with the director more, and not a month goes by that Snyder’s films were not trending on Twitter, and many asked DC to return the director.

Many people liked the choice of actors, artistic style, different views on superheroes, bringing a Cyborg to the forefront as the main character, the appearance of an older Batman, and even the existence of a universe that was the same in all respects. Now that D.C. is experiencing its own version of rebirth, many think it would be a lot easier if they just brought Snyder back to do the hard work. Only time will tell what will happen.

Young Titans, go ahead! aired by Cartoon Network.


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