Zack Snyder Releases New Justice League Trailer


Zack Snyder has let us see a little more of The Justice League with this new trailer.Don’t miss it!

A fresh look at Zack Snyder’s Justice League has finally arrived online. Ever since Justice League opened in theaters in 2017, fans have been asking to see Snyder’s original vision for the film, which became known as the Snyder Cut.

As we reported in Somagnews, Warner Bros. is complying with those requests by allowing the filmmaker to complete work on the project, and it will culminate in a 4+ hour miniseries called Zack Snyder’s Justice League. We still have to wait until 2021 to see the finished product, but Snyder has released a new trailer online to offer a glimpse of what the ambitious title will look like when all is said and done.

Zack Snyder has been talking about this new teaser for some time now, telling people online that Tuesday morning, November 17, would bring a fresh look at the movie. The director kept his word and the new Justice League teaser was released to the world.

It was originally thought that Snyder’s version of the Justice League would only require a few re-filming and a lot of post-production. However, it seems that the director is working hard and is even adding additional scenes that were not part of the original version. For example, Jared Leto’s Joker will be included in this version of Justice League, although it was not included in the initial vision.

There will also be a lot more teasing about Darkseid in Justice League from Zack Snyder, the sinister villain who was destined to be the antagonist of the sequel. Snyder recently explained that he already planned all the story points for the second movie, in case he ever got a chance to do so.

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Zack Snyder excited for the Justice League

“If you said to any of the actors in the movie ‘well what happens in the movie’ or ‘what happens next’ or whatever for any movie. Porter and I were talking about this and what is cool or what is the correct answer to some questions, “Snyder.

“It’s a fair question to ask myself, you know, like what do I tell the world about, you know, what happens when Darkseid comes to Earth? And then what? You know, is that a thing? And I think, the The truth is that I wrote and conceived something complete, I know what happens. To say and speculate about what it is and that it would be exciting, I think that’s good. “


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