Zack Snyder confirms Lois Lane’s pregnancy in drama


Zack Snyder confirmed Lois Lane’s pregnancy in his Justice League cut, released last week on HBO Max. In an interview with Esquire, the director revealed that he hoped to insert this event into the plot of his possible future films in the DC Universe in cinemas – something that now seems unlikely to happen due to Warner Bros. new plans.

At a certain point in the film, the character in her apartment opens a drawer and a pregnancy test appears – from the fictional brand “Force Majeure”, a French phrase translated as “unpredictable circumstances”. Soon, fans speculated whether it would actually mean that she and Superman would have a child in a sequel. “She is definitely pregnant,” he said when asked about it.

He commented that this would be a part of the plot that the studio did not agree to do in the original production, before he left the project in 2017. “That was always my hope, but they said not to do that, originally. But I was able to [insert somehow in ‘SnyderCut’] ”. In addition, in one of the last scenes of that reality, located on the Kent farm, the congratulations said by Bruce Wayne to Clark Kent is a reference to pregnancy.

A new Batman

In a conversation with Variety, Snyder also revealed that the couple’s son would be named Bruce Kent, in honor of the late Bruce Wayne who would sacrifice himself in the events of Justice League 3. The filmmaker said the new character would take on the mantle of the Dark Knight. . “It would be the son of Lois and Superman. He would have no power, and he would become the new Batman. ”

In this case, the Snyderverse would have shown a scene set 20 years in the future, with Clark Kent and Lois Lane taking the young man to the Batcave. Upon arriving at the scene, the parents would say to him: “Your uncle Bruce would be proud if you did this [put on the hood]”.

The final chapter of the sequence conceived by the director would show Barbara Gordon as the protector of Gotham, after the death of Bruce Wayne and until the arrival of the new Batman, for whom she would be a mentor. “I always wanted Barbara Gordon to appear in films. Commissioner Gordon would also be dead by now and we would have her playing a bigger role, ”he said.

“My idea was that, after Bruce sacrificed himself, there would be a window where he didn’t have a Batman, and I thought Barbara could fill the position until Superman and Lois’s son, who has no powers, took over when he was an age. appropriate. Barbara would be his mentor, but now this is all just an illusion ”, he concluded.


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