Zack Snyder Celebrated The Anniversary of The “Justice League” With a Sweet Tribute to His Daughter


The DC extended universe has had a tumultuous movie theater life, full of ups and downs. The shared universe was started by “Man of Steel” Zack Snyder and supplemented by two more blockbusters directed by “300”. In 2017, “Justice League” was released, although it was greatly changed thanks to the reshoots of Joss Whedon. However, Snyder celebrated the film’s anniversary with a sweet tribute to his daughter.

When “Justice League” was in the midst of principal photography, Zack Snyder had to leave the set due to a family tragedy involving his daughter. She passed away and fans raised a lot of money for suicide prevention during the WB’s #ReleaseTheSnyderCut campaign. In the theatrical version of the film (which, according to Snyder, he never watched) in honor of the fifth anniversary, he tweeted a little love to the fans, honoring the memory of his late daughter. Check it out below:

How sweet is it? After the confusion with the release of “Justice League”, it became clear that Zack Snyder really feels some gratitude to the fans who have been conducting online campaigns about his version for years. While the money was being raised for suicide prevention, it was also a movement that Warner Bros. eventually succumbed to. And that’s how Zack Snyder’s four-hour adventure film “Justice League” was born.

Zack Snyder’s recent tweet shows how much his version of “Justice League” means to him. Although Snyder Cut seemed like a pipe dream for many years, it really came true. He was allocated a huge budget for the editing and visual effects of the project, as well as for shooting two quick scenes with the help of re-shoots. And the project was very successful after its release on HBO Max, inspiring another fan movement in the process: #RestoreTheSnyderVerse. And the emotions associated with the film are especially strong, given the family tragedy of the director.

Initially, Zack Snyder planned a storyline of five films for the DCEU, including two sequels of “Justice League”. Obviously, this never happened, but the release of the Snyder Cut and a new episode of Knightmare made fans hope that Warner Bros. he will change his mind and give the director two more films. Joe Manganiello was one of the actors involved in the reshoots in the role of Deathstroke, a character who has not yet hit the spotlight in the shared universe. The “Super Mike” actor responded to Snyder’s tweet by saying:

Thank you for everything, Zach. To many more fun adventures…

But when, Joe? When? Manganiello made his debut as Detstroke in the credits scene of the theatrical version of Justice League, creating a sequel that never happened. He was also going to appear in Ben Affleck’s Batman movie, which was also canceled. It remains to be seen if he will ever get a chance to finally take on this villain, but it’s obvious that he wants to work with Zack Snyder again.

Although Zack Snyder has not been in contact with Warner Bros. Since the release of Snyder Cut, he has concluded exciting new content for Netflix. He has a new franchise in Army of the Dead, which could be an opportunity to collaborate with Joe Manganiello. At least until he’s finally able to shoot the Justice League sequels.

Zack Snyder’s next major project is Rebel Moon, which has a killer cast. But the film has no release date yet. In the meantime, check out the movie’s release dates in 2022 to plan your next movie. But after the delay of “Shazam 2,” there will be no more DC movies in theaters this year.


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