Zack Snyder and James Cameron Remembered Justice League and Avatar: Editor of The Way Of Water


To create any film requires a huge number of actors and crew members, not to mention major theatrical blockbusters such as “Avatar” and “Justice League”. The main contribution to the creation of any film is made by the editor, who helps to weave various frames into a whole story. Recently, Oscar-winning editor David Brenner, who died during the filming of Avatar 2, was remembered by people like Zack Snyder and James Cameron. And it looks like he was a hell of an employee.

The late editor David Brenner passed away in February 2022, almost a year before the release of Avatar: The Way of Water. Prior to the American Cinema Editors Eddie Awards, directors such as Zack Snyder and James Cameron reflected on his work. According to Variety, the last director spoke about his complicated feelings, especially since Brenner did not manage to see the final version of his sci-fi sequel. According to Cameron:

David fought for the moments of performance that he thought were important to the character or the scene. He reminded me of the small nuances of the actors’ acting, so that I would definitely include them in the close-ups. I am saddened that he did not live to fully visualize his scenes. But I know that he would be proud to create some of the most memorable scenes in the film, which fills people with a sense of deep beauty and hope, makes them cry, and in some cases even helps them cope with their own feelings of grief and despair. loss.

What a fitting tribute. Editors are one of the most important members of the film crew, despite the fact that this is not such a glamorous job as a director or actor. James Cameron knows this all too well and seems to have had a lot of respect for David Brenner when he was working on the Avatar sequels. Fortunately for moviegoers, we’ll see more of his work when the third Avatar hits theaters in 2024.

James Cameron’s comments about David Brenner show how closely he works with his colleagues on the Avatar films, despite the fact that he has such a unique, extensive vision. The first two sequels were shot one after the other, so the influence of the late editor will be seen in the upcoming triquel. And it seems that he had a big influence on how the shooting took place.

Zack Snyder also took the time to remember editor David Brenner for his work and spirit. They have collaborated on all of Snyder’s DC films, including Man of Steel, Batman v Superman, and Justice League. The creator of the film said that it was Brenner’s idea to put the song “Song of the Siren” behind the speedforce Flash scene in the Snyder Cut, and also said:

He was always one step ahead of everyone.

Talk about talent. David Brenner had a long and extensive resume, including jobs outside of major blockbusters. And during this time, he definitely earned the respect of major directors such as Zack Snyder and James Cameron.

Another person who knew David Brenner’s work and personality too well was his widow Amber Dixon. She talked about his work as a film editor and how he used his personality to capture emotions and tell a story correctly. As she put it,

The film shows what it means to have a karmic understanding of your place in the universe and how to live in harmony with your values and, above all, with love. He was the best editor there ever was. I don’t care what others say.

That’s love. Apart from the fact that she clearly appreciated David Brenner for who he was as a person, it is clear that Amber Dixon also had a lot of respect for his work as an editor. And, in her opinion, she is the best at it. I have to think James Cameron and Zack Snyder might agree.

Our thoughts are with David Brenner’s loved ones as they continue the mourning process. And his work will be seen when Avatar 3 is released in theaters on December 20, 2024. In the meantime, check out the movie’s release dates in 2023 to plan your next movie.


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