Zachary Levi of “Shazam” Apparently Accused Dwayne Johnson of Sabotaging Both “Shazam! Fury of the Gods” and “Black Adam” with Big Cameo Misses


If you regularly follow all the fresh gossip circulating in Hollywood, you may know that The Wrap recently reported on Dwayne Johnson undermining Zachary Levi. The report states that the god of muscle abandoned the post-credits scene featuring Levi’s character as he wanted to position himself at the center of the DC universe. He urged the creators to put Chuck Henry Cavill instead of the star. And now it turns out that Shazam! The actor weighs in on the fact that Rock sabotaged the actors’ chances of starring in both Shazam! Fury of the gods and Black Adam.

Today, Zachary Levi told on Instagram about how the former professional wrestler blocked the appearance of characters in both films. In this story, he responded to an exclusive report published by The Wrap, which stated that “the truth will set you free.” Well, it was already known that the Justice Society would be filming in Shazam! Fury of the gods and Black Adam.

If you remember, directed by David F. Sandberg told The Hollywood Reporter how they had to change everything at the last minute. “It was supposed to be characters from the Justice Society [Black Adam], but it fell apart three days before we were going to turn on the cameras,” he explained.

However, according to the report, Dwayne Johnson abandoned the idea of bringing these characters to the screen, since a face-off was going to take place between Levi’s character and his Black Adam. Instead, the audience saw the debut of the “Man of Steel” star in the scene after the credits of the superhero movie.

Shazam! Reviewers say that “Fury of the Gods” starring Zachary Levy cannot be watched

Shazam! The premiere of “Fury of the Gods” took place on March 17 in the United States and became a box office bomb worldwide. At the moment, the film has collected only $ 66 million with a budget of $ 110-125 million. Moreover, the review of the film, scrolled by the Vulture, clearly asked fans to forget that there was ever a sequel. “It’s a competent, boring swill, spoiled in large part by the fact that it follows an excellent first film,” the reviewer wrote.

Although Roger Ebert stated in his review that, despite the strong performance of the actors in the film, he failed to reveal the essence of the story. “Shazam! “Fury of the Gods” could have been better if it had focused more on both Billy and Freddie and their hormonal anxieties,” the statement said. As for the website where reviews are collected, Rotten Tomatoes assigned the film an average rating of 5.8 out of 10.

Meanwhile, Dwayne Johnson has not responded to the claims made against him. So stay here until we find out his views on this issue.


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