Zac Efron totally transformed from High School Musical!


Actor Zac Efron has changed a lot since he started in High School Musical! We give you more details!

Zac Efron has changed a lot since he started in High School Musical.

Zac Efron with his full name Zachary David Alexander Efron was born on October 18, 1987. The artist was discovered in the musical “High School Musical”.

He discovered his passion for singing and dancing very early! In fact, at the age of 12, the young boy was already taking acting lessons.

Besides, in high school he chained plays and participated in several comedies. In 2004, the young actor appeared in the Summerland series.

However, the series stops after only 2 seasons. But the youngster does not remain inactive.

He participated in several series or TV movies before becoming a real star with High School Musical! Since then, the young actor has come a long way.


When we compare his photos today to that of the High School Musical era, we can see how much the young man has changed! But on the professional side too, Zac Efron has progressed well!

After the Disney musical, the career of Zac Efron is launched. In 2009 he won the first role in “Me and Orson Welles”.

Besides, the same year he turned in comedy 17 years again with Matthew Perry. The actor also wants to break away from this image of Beaugosse actor.

He will then play in more dramatic films. Indeed, we see it in the movies “The Secret of Charlie Saint-Cloud” or “The Lucky One”.

“Anything that can help break my image of a fallen bird is welcome,” said the actor in an interview. Besides, in a film retracing the trial of Ted Bundy, the actor will play the killer himself.

So it’s a successful bet Zac Efron! He knew how to make a place for himself among the greats.


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