Zac Efron shows off while shopping in Byron Bay!


The hunk no longer hesitates to show off with his new sweetheart. The couple have been seen hand in hand in the streets of Byron Bay. Enough to drive Internet users crazy!

The photographers then follow Zac Efron hoping to obtain new photos of the duo. The latter are desperate to find out more about his romance with Vanessa.

Still, the handsome brunette continues to indulge in solo outings. Indeed, he was seen shopping alone in a small store.

Zac Efron didn’t hesitate to show off without glasses when shopping. He even asked the seller for advice on finding clothes. Like what, the young man is not afraid to be noticed!


The paparazzi therefore immortalized this moment to share the pictures on the web. We can thus discover Zac Efron happier than ever!

Indeed, the actor is all smiles and seems very relaxed. He takes the time to look around the store and even poses in front of the photographers. We love !

No doubt: the actor is currently on a cloud nine. And it’s a safe bet that the latter was quick to find his sweetheart after his purchases!

For now, the couple are still very quiet about their story. We will still have to wait before seeing them together on social networks. To be continued!

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