Zac Efron hospitalized in emergency after almost dying!


Zac Efron could have died due to a bacterial infection caught while he was filming his documentary!

While Zac Efron was in the middle of filming a survival program, he was struck by an infection. Besides, the actor almost went there! We explain to you!

Indeed, this infection almost cost the life of Zac Efron. He was rushed to hospital and received treatment in Australia. The 32-year-old actor was in Papua New Guinea to film his next series “Killing Zac Efron”. A Mike Horn survival show! During this stay, he contracted a “form of typhoid or a similar bacterial infection”. Which triggered “a life and death medical emergency”. This demanded that he be flown in without delay.

It happened while hiking in the jungle. Now he is out of danger, hospitalized at St Andrews War Memorial Hospital. Emergency Director Dr. Glenn McKay spoke on this matter. Explaining having “recovered an American citizen in his thirties from PNG in Brisbane for medical treatment in Australia. ”

Like what the survival broadcasts are not without risk, for those who believe that the scenes are rigged. Like Man Vs Wild or the adventures of Mike Horn. As you can see, serious incidents can happen. This is the case of Mike Horn who had to be rescued with Borge Ousland from certain death. It was December 8th in the middle of the Arctic. So Zac Efron was very lucky and is in “stable condition”.

Besides, the actor was allowed doctors to return to the United States for the holidays. Zac Efron has a taste for adventure, but he will still have to take a break! “I tend to thrive in the extreme. But also to look for opportunities that challenge me at all levels. (…) I am excited to explore all these unexplored territories and discover what an unexpected adventure awaits me! He said.


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