Zac Efron approved for “Three Spinsters and a Baby”


Anyone who was raised in the 90s watching the afternoon session on Rede Globo, may have seen the 20th century classic “Three Spinsters and a Baby” at some point. It turns out that this film is within the production plans to be remade for the North American streaming Disney Plus.

The big news for the main cast is the presence of actor Zac Efron, who gained high popularity between 2005 and 2008 for playing Troy Bolton, in the High School Musical children’s film trilogy, which is also a Disney production, meaning he comes back to sign a contract with the company 12 years later.

The original production is from 1987, and tells the story of three men (singles), who share an apartment in New York and end up being surprised when the unexpected daughter of one of them is left at the door of the place by the mother, making it necessary that they both take on parental responsibilities in conjunction with the reorganization of lives to fit household chores, work, dating and attention to little Mary.

The script for the new production was written by Will Reichel and will be directed by “immortal” Leonard Nimoy, the beloved Spock from Star Treck, and produced by Gordon Gray, who has been present in other similarly themed films released by Disney, as “Training Daddy”, which features Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) in the lead role.

According to the screenwriter, the remake of “Three Spinsters and a Baby” has some adaptations in the selection of the cast to be more inclusive than the original, bringing as a protagonist alongside Zac a non-white actor and a representative of the LGBTQI + community.


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