Yuta reveals the meaning behind NCT 127 nicknames


The NCT dancer revealed the nicknames of his fellow subunits and explained why he decided to call them that.

The charismatic member of NCT held a new broadcast of Yuta At Home, the idol revealed the secret behind the affectionate nicknames he created for his bandmates, what was he inspired by?

Nakamoto Yuta interacted with NCTzen on a new At Home show , welcoming viewers first, practicing with a tongue twister to improve his diction, and apologizing as he was a bit nervous.

The agency idol SM Entertainment put together a fun show full of surprises and commented on the recent activities that he and the NCT boys have had in recent days such as his appearance on the covers of ELLE Japan and Men’s Non-No magazines.

The subject of Yuta At Home were nicknames , he revealed that he is known by Universal’s Yuta , Unmoving Yuta or even Bicycle’s Yuta for his ability on the bike, and his speed and control are incredible.

The ‘Regular’ performer not only talked about his nicknames , he also revealed the meaning of the sweet names he designated for each member of NCT 127 . What secrets will there be behind? We will tell you all the details below.


Yuta usually calls Taeyong as Febreze since he sneezes in a particular way and in his room he always has cans of that product so that the place smells really good. A Doyoung appointed him Pretender because once performed the song ‘Pretender’ in a live broadcast.

The nickname that Yuta gave Mark is Alien, he revealed that Jungwoo is called That Like, he did not explain the meaning of either of the two nicknames of his colleagues in NCT and immediately commented that he calls Taeil as Butterfly or Anywhere because it is always everywhere.


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He affectionately calls Johnny Long hair because he thinks one of the rapper’s best looks from the ‘Work It’ era is an image that he can’t get out of his head. The nickname of Jaehyun is Muscle Man because his masculinity is natural, to equal his beauty.

Haechan is one of the naughtiest and funniest NCT guys , that’s why Yuta designated him the nickname Mischievous Haechan , how about the nicknames that the artist created for his sub – unit mates ?

Yuta recently celebrated NCT’s resounding success with the Japanese record material ‘LOVEHOLIC’ and thanked the NCTzen for their support with a beautiful message.


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