Yung Gravy Informs Fans About The Status of The Relationship With Shari Easterling


Rapper Yung Gravy has given fans an update on his “relationship” with Addison Ray’s mom, Shari Easterling, after they demonstrated the PDA at the 2022 VMA.

In the summer, Yung Gravey participated in the Addison Ray family drama after it was revealed that her father, Monty Lopez, allegedly cheated on his wife Cherie Easterling with younger women.

Since then, Lopez and Easterling have broken up, and Shari seems to have started an affair with American rapper Yung Gravy.

The two flirted back and forth online, which caused some outrage from Lopez, who challenged Gravey to a boxing match (which Gravey strongly refused). Shari and Gravey met in person at the VMA, where they kissed on the red carpet.

However, they have not been seen together since, and sources claimed that they were not actually in a legal relationship in an October interview.

Jung Gravey says He and Shari Easterling Are Not “Official”

Now the rapper has revealed more about his “relationship status” with Shari, saying it’s a little hard to be completely devoted to someone when you’re traveling the world doing music.

“I thought, oh, I need a date,” Gravey said of the VMA in a November interview with E! An insider. “But I think everyone just assumes if you bring someone that you’re “together” together. I needed a date and we used to flirt online and I invited her to come through.”

“She was a cutie. We had a good time. We’re not “dating.” I really can’t— it’s hard to date when you’re on the road all the time. But she was at my show in New Orleans. She’s cute.”

This interview follows a statement from a source close to Shari in October who claimed that their entire involvement was just a publicity stunt.

“It was very short—lived and they wanted people to talk,” a source told E! News. “Shari was definitely interested in him and she liked the attention, but they both knew it wouldn’t be anything serious.”


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