Yumi’s Cells Heightens Drama’s Excitement With Love Triangle


Kim Go Eun’s character to face a new wave of emotions in Yumi’s Cells story. Love comes to your screen with this K-Drama, but between the sweet and happy moments, we also see the protagonists of Yumi’s Cells face difficulties, even in love.

After a successful premiere, Kim Go Eun’s drama is causing a sensation thanks to its entertaining story and a dose of fun that we see in each episode through its cells and those of the other characters, this modality brings us closer to each other in a different way than their emotions and this is how we discover a new rivalry.

Previously in Yumi’s Cells , Yumi left her heartbroken by love disappointment behind and began meeting with Goo Woong . This boy seems to make the protagonist very happy and they even shared their first kiss, but not everything is so simple.

Goo Woong could find himself in trouble now that a new romantic interest comes to him and the meeting between the girls who are in love with this character will not go unnoticed.


Although Yumi and Goo Woong had a great time together, this could change due to a reveal from Sae Yi. The girl who has been a great friend of the protagonist is actually in love with him and when she finally sees him with Kim Go Eun’s character, jealousy appears. Swipe to see all the images:

For that reason their meeting will raise the tension and show Sae Yi’s true feelings, but how will Goo Woong react?


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