Yuliett Torres is a scandal! More than JLo: Eye to size


Yuliett Torres is a scandal! More than JLo: Eye to size! The image impacts.

Lo J.Lo ’has competition from now on with the presence of Yuliett Torres. The challenging influencer is a scandal in every way. Her body seems to have been drawn by the best painters, since their curves are not normal. And that in social networks every day the figures cause more surprise. In the photo she did not want to disappoint anyone and met expectations. The size of their innkeepers can be equated only with the most famous.


Tight clothing is your favorite, which is understood, because its measures are worthy of permanent admiration. Mexico feels very well represented by Yuliett. The one born in Jalisco is giving what to talk with her creative snapshots.

In some cases the temperature has risen in excess on Instagram, so the network has used censorship as a means to combat the rise in everything. This restriction provoked an important debate, since the norms do not apply equally to men. There is a community visibly disgusted by the inequality that still exists in details of this kind.


Yuliett Torres plays with the limits
Yuliett’s rise to fame and estrangement with other important models has been generated by her game with limits. This means that you understand how far you can go to accelerate hearts without showing too much. For those who are not immersed in the world of networks, knowing how to show attributes represents an art that not everyone understands.

Yuliett Torres between comparisons and looking for a unique style, is positioning herself as one of the women who has the greatest impact with her presence. The millions of followers will continue to increase if they are faithful to their essence and continue to leave those who come to look at their content speechless. Will it approach ‘J. What ’and Kim Kardashian?


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