Yuliett Torres does it and publishes it. Finally in action


Yuliett Torres does it and publishes it. Finally in action.Your IG is collapsed with your last post.

The race that exists between Yuliett Torres and Jimena Sanchez for being named as the Mexican Kim Kardashian is causing that in that dispute each one can get to climb whatever it is in order to have more likes than rival and be more in the mouth of the people than the other. Get the media to talk about her to finally end up receiving that award or title.


There are already several months that both are immersed in the battle and if one reviews their timelines at a glance, they will realize that all this is going over, that the temperature is rising and that it is impossible to calculate where this will end. What is clear is that if someone does not stop it before it will have to be Instagram itself who closes the account and ends with this vertiginous race towards destruction. In fact, IG already sanctioned the influencer Yuliet Torres with a few days without being able to enter her account for showing this content that the social network clearly considered inappropriate.

However, after those days that could have served to cool the matter and that the waters returned to their channel, it seems that Yuliet has not served precisely for that, but rather for the opposite and in one of her last images You can see her taking a selfie inside the house with a red and black plaid shirt, like a good woodcutter, and tight white pants that delight her fans.


Now it remains to be seen how her arch nemesis Jimena Sanchez will respond that she will not want to be left behind in this race in which none seems to wear brakes and the spectators are enjoying the beauty with no desire for the match to end.


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