Yujeong Announces He’s Leaving LABOUM


One of LABOUM‘s personnel, Yujeong has officially left the group.


In the early hours of Wednesday (08/09), Yujeong uploaded a handwritten letter through his Instagram account.

Through the letter Yujeong wrote:

“Hello, this is LABOUM’s leader, Yujeong.

I’m writing this because I have some news to share with everyone. For the fans who support me, I wanted to tell you in person rather than through a news article, so I grabbed a pen and wrote this down.

First, I can’t believe how much love our five year old song, ‘Journey to Atlantis’ received. I want to say from the bottom of my heart that I am truly grateful. Since it happened when my contract was about to expire, it felt like a miracle.

Somehow August 28 has passed. In just a few years, we are now 8 years old, and our seven year exclusive contract with our agency has ended. Since March, I have had many discussions with the agency over the past few months, and I constantly share my thoughts with them.

In the end, we decided that the agency and I would go our separate ways. Apart from me, the other members have renewed their contracts and will continue to promote as a team. For me, our seventh anniversary will be my last time promoting with the group. Our planned album promotions were continuously being pushed back, so the last shoot we did for the Ministry of the Environment became the last scheduled event.

Somehow, I found myself standing at a major crossroads in the life I had lived for these 30 years. It requires a lot of deep thought and careful decisions, so ever since we took a break due to COVID-19 last year, I have thought for over a year about many things and prayed. It’s hard to come to this decision.

From August 2014, when LABOUM was formed, until August 2021. I am very grateful to our members, Soyeon, ZN, Haein, and Solbin, for protecting our group for seven years from our respective positions until now. Even though I still lack a lot, I have taken on heavy responsibilities as a leader and as the eldest member, and worked hard without regrets for the past seven years.

There were many lonely and exhausting moments, and there were times where I didn’t take care of myself and felt that I couldn’t make it through, but I have never regretted the path I had chosen until now. I love the time I spend on stage, and every time I sing, I feel happy. Thanks to Latte (Laboum fan club name), who continues to cheer us on tirelessly no matter what, I was able to take strength and reach where I am today.

Even if it’s just a word, I’m grateful for the warm words, comfort, and support I’ve received from everyone, including my acquaintances.

I will close the page of the life I lived as a LABOUM leader. With the deepest gratitude in my heart for the many experiences I have had up to now, I will live a new life with a more mature image and continue to face new challenges. Please support my future activities as Yujeong, and please support the activities of the remaining LABOUM members. I also thank the agency, NH EMG (Global H Media), who supported our many album promotions and worked with us for the past seven years.

Everyone, I hope to see you again with good news and good health. Thank you,” he wrote.