Yu Yu Hakusho: Netflix Confirms Live-Action Series For 2023


Yu Yu Hakusho: This Tuesday (9), Netflix announced that Yu Yu Hakusho’s live-action series will be streaming in December 2023. The production is directly based on Yoshihiro Togashi’s eponymous manga. It is worth noting that other animes will also get live-action versions on the platform soon, such as One Piece and Cowboy Bebop.

For some time, it was believed that the production would consist of a feature film, given that some behind-the-scenes footage had already been released unofficially. To play protagonist Yusuke Urameshi, actor Takumi Kitamura was cast. Despite this, the project does not have much concrete information so far.

Yu Yu Hakusho: Learn more about Yoshihiro Togashi’s manga

Centered on the figure of a 14-year-old rebel, the manga was first released in 1990 by Weekly Shounen Jump magazine, yielding 175 chapters in 19 volumes. In the plot, after dying trying to save a child who wanted to catch his ball in the middle of the street, Yusuke arrives in the spirit world and there he discovers that he has a chance to return to life.

He is guided by Botan, a friendly shinigami who is always at the behest of Koenma, son of King Enma, the ruler of this underworld. From there, the teenager needs to face several challenges involving supernatural creatures. In this context, iconic characters such as Hiei, Kurama, Kuwabara, Master Genkai and Keiko are also introduced.