Yu Yu Hakusho: Anime’s Live-Action Has Its First Image Released


Yu Yu Hakusho: Filming of the live-action film of the anime Yu Yu Hakusho, for Netflix, continues this week in Japan. .

The photo shows the artist sitting in a moment of rest, most likely waiting for some instruction from the production to resume work.

It is possible to see that his characterization is very similar to what viewers already know of the character in the anime. Yusuke’s classic greenish outfit is present with yellow buttons, as well as his hair has a very similar hairstyle.

Check out the image:

It is not known for sure how many scenes have been filmed so far, especially because, last week, a post made by social networks provoked Yu Yu Hakusho’s fans with a video that showed the crew moving through the streets of a Japanese city.

Although it was possible to fully visualize several people with cinematographic equipment, the footage was not clear enough to say with certainty that it was the Netflix film. However, the person who released the images calls attention to an all-green costume, which could be Takumi Kitamura characterized as Yusuke Urameshi.


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