Yu-Gi-Oh! The monster boss is so bad that the anime made fun of him


Yu-Gi-Oh! he has no shortage of boss monsters, but there was one that even anime couldn’t take seriously. Although there are a few boss monsters that don’t match their archetypes, most of them just disappear due to lack of use. However, one monster in particular received a bit of ridicule before disappearing.

Spirit of the Pharaoh is one of the boss monsters in the game, designed for synergy with weak zombie monsters. It can only be triggered using the effect of a special trap card “First Sarcophagus”. After a successful summoning, the Spirit of the Pharaoh user can summon up to 4 zombie-type monsters of level 2 or lower in a special way. If set up correctly, this effect could flood the user’s field with monsters, setting them up for combos. Although it’s nothing compared to the cards from the banned and restricted list of Yu-Gi-Oh!, it sounds pretty useful. However, unfortunately, this is not the case.

Given the effort required to summon it, Spirit of the Pharaoh is completely unimpressive. He has only 2500 attack points, and there are many monsters of equal or greater strength that can be summoned much easier. Secondly, it has no natural defense at all, so it is vulnerable to all removal methods without the help of other player cards. Finally, summoning a swarm of level 2 or lower monsters similar to ordinary zombies is not as strong. In addition to a fairly small number of monsters matching the criteria, they would be really good only for tribute or for summoning the Xyz monster, and summoning Xyz in Yu-Gi-Oh! It didn’t even exist until many years after the release of Spirit of the Pharaoh.

Pharaoh’s Spirit is one of the most difficult Yu-Gi-Oh monsters!

However, what really spoils Spirit of the Pharaoh’s gameplay is the method required to call it, the First Sarcophagus. The first Sarcophagus places two other Sarcophagus cards on the field one at the end of the opponent’s next two moves. Once all three are on the field, they can be dropped to summon the Spirit of Pharaoh. Summoning a monster in three moves is terribly slow, even during the exit of the card. In addition, the Sarcophagus cards will take up space in the user’s spell and trap zone, which makes it difficult to use other, more useful cards. While slugs are Yu-Gi-Oh! have potential as an archetype, Sarcophagus cards are too weak in their construction to ever matter, even with support.

In the anime, almost every boss monster was created as a real threat, even such terrible ones as the Insect Queen. However, when the Pharaoh’s Spirit appeared in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX has not received such respect. The main characters criticized the deck for such weak cards, even comparing it to a deck for beginners. The only time in a duel where this is taken seriously is when the Spirit enters the field and is infested with zombies, who receive a boost with another card, a Thousand Energy. However, the Spirit user lost the duel on the next turn after being summoned, so he doesn’t make a good impression, except that it’s a card that only made sense in the anime Yu-Gi-Oh!.

Spirit of the Pharaoh has a cool look and it seems that it should be strong. However, it seriously lacks the strength for the effort required to call it, and the method required to call it is too slow and inconvenient in the first place. Even the anime wasn’t interested in making it look good, and “Pharaoh’s Spirit” turned out to be just another failed Yu-Gi-Oh! The boss is a monster.