YouTube’s Response to Prohibition Policy


YouTube, today’s most popular and most widely used video watching platform, is also at the top of content production. So how is the control of the platform hosting millions of videos from recipes to repairs of a household item, from a city trip to any day of the life of an ordinary person?

In an interview with Associated Press, Matt Halprin, the head of YouTube’s global trust and security units, answered many questions. For those who do not know, Halprin’s job is very difficult. He is the person who oversees the teams that decide what is allowed on YouTube and what should be banned.

The site owned by Google has recently been the target of reactions, since it allows videos that contain aggressive or violent things and does not pay enough attention to protect children. Halprin said YouTube had to make difficult decisions to create policies that keep YouTube safe, while balancing the free speech of people, one of the company’s core principles, he said.

Halprin explained that they were open to questions about the general workings of his team. Underlining that they want to be a place where various perspectives can be heard, the manager also underlined that this sometimes means that people admit that they do not participate or even feel uncomfortable.

Return of users is important to us
According to Halprin, the team conducts research first and takes an objective look at what they see. The content is analyzed within the framework of the concepts of public policy and public relations and it is discussed whether there is a legal problem within the product. Then, the head of the product manager is led by the director orientation review. Finally, the fourth and final step is the finalization of decisions made by weekly meetings with the participation of senior executives.

Halprin adds that community guidelines and rules that have been loyal to since the launch of the platform will always remain valid on the company front and the team will continue to work with user feedback. Together we will follow and see how the process will take shape.


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