YouTube’s Picture-in-Picture Feature Comes to iPhones


YouTube has introduced a new feature for iPhones running iOS 14. Accordingly, when users access YouTube from Safari or Chrome, they can use the picture-in-picture feature. However, this feature can only be experienced by Premium users in the YouTube application.

In a news we shared with you about a month ago, we mentioned that the picture-in-picture feature of YouTube has begun to be tested on the iOS version. However, in the tests conducted at that time, the feature was only available to YouTube Premium subscribers. In other words, users who did not pay anything to YouTube could not use this feature through the application. It seems YouTube wants to change that.

If you own an iPhone running iOS 14, you can now use YouTube’s picture-in-picture feature. However, if you want to take advantage of the feature, you have to go to the Safari or Chrome version, not the YouTube app.

It is unknown why YouTube did not release the picture-in-picture feature for the app. The feature can be in the testing phase for the app, or YouTube is using the image for image feature as a trump card to lure users into their Premium subscription.

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