YouTube’s iOS Version Introduces Filter Tags


YouTube’s iOS app has been updated. The update provided a major innovation to the “Subscriptions” section of the application. With this innovation, some tags are added to YouTube’s Subscriptions page, and videos from subscribed channels are filtered under these tags.

One of the most popular services of the US-based technology giant Google is YouTube. YouTube, which serves as an online video platform and has been in our lives for a long time, has undergone major changes as of last year. The YouTube developer team specifically overhauled the platform’s mobile applications and introduced many innovations to its users.

Now YouTube’s developer team has updated the iOS version of the app and introduced a new feature. This feature is added under the “Subscriptions” page and consists of personalized labels. Under this new feature, users only display “filtered” content for the channels they subscribe to. For example, the label İzlen Not Watched iyor lists videos of the channels you subscribed to that you haven’t yet watched.

The personalized tags feature, which is currently available only to iPhones, makes YouTube more functional. This is because users use the tags provided by the YouTube team to filter videos directly. This makes it easier for users to access the content they want to access.

Here are those tags added to the iOS version of YouTube:

All: This tag lets you see all of the new videos uploaded by the YouTube channels you subscribed to. You do not see any content on this tag except for the channels you subscribed to.
Today: Today tag lists YouTube videos that have been published in the last 24 hours. So you can always be aware of YouTube’s new content.
Keep Watching: Using this tag, you can start watching videos and view videos you’ve interrupted. In this way, no video is left halfway.
Not Watched: If you don’t want to see the videos you’ve watched before, you can use this tag. Under this tag, we show you only videos you haven’t watched.
Live: Live broadcasts have been available on YouTube for some time. This tag helps to list live broadcasts.
Posts: YouTube channels can share posts from time to time. Here you can use the “Shipments” tag to track these posts.
If you also own an iPhone, update the YouTube app through the App Store. The update will help you to actively use YouTube’s new feature. However, if you are part of the Android platform, you will have to wait a while before you can use this feature. YouTube developers announced that the feature will be available for Android in the “future” as well.

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