YouTube’s iOS App Receives First Update of New Year


Google updated its YouTube app for the iOS operating system this morning. Google updated its YouTube app this morning for the first time after Apple changed its App Store privacy policies recently.

Apple had updated its App Store privacy policies in recent months. The App Store’s updated privacy policies generally favored the well-being of users. One result of the update has affected all application developers. Now, developers who want to publish their apps for the iOS platform have to report on the App Store what personal data their apps collect and how they use them.

Many developers who have apps on the App Store have taken the necessary steps for this situation and updated their apps to comply with the App Store’s new privacy policy. However, some companies have been too slow in this regard and still haven’t updated their apps. One of them is Google, one of the world’s largest technology companies. Google, which still hasn’t updated many of its apps for iOS, took one of its first steps this morning.

YouTube for iOS has finally been updated:

Google updated its YouTube application, the world’s most used video viewing and publishing platform, at 7:00 this morning. In this way, YouTube has been adapted to the new privacy policies of the App Store. What is interesting here is that the YouTube app, which normally gets updates every one or two weeks, has been updated for the first time since December 7, 2020.

In addition, Google still has not updated its important applications. Among the important applications that Google has not updated on the App Store are Google, Google Chrome, Gmail, Google Maps and Google Meet. Earlier this week, those who wanted to add a new account in the Gmail iOS app received an ‘Out of date’ warning. This means that the Gmail application can be updated in the coming days.

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