YouTuber Tested Performance of Tesla Model Y (Video)


Tesla Model Ys, which started to be delivered to their owners a while ago, are currently being tested by their owners. Now a YouTube channel has tested Model Y’s “Off-Road Assist” mode. It was also revealed that Model Y accelerated from 0-100 km / h was better than expected.

US-based automaker Tesla is currently on the agenda with its new model “Model Y”. Tesla Model Y, the company’s new electric motor SUV model, has just begun delivering to its owners, and consumers are now spending their time exploring their new SUV. Now we will talk about Tesla Model Y’s consumer tests.

With the start of deliveries of the Tesla Model Y, this SUV turned out to have an “Off-Road Assist” mode. Tesla explained details about this mod in Model Y’s manual. According to Tesla, this mod helped the vehicle provide the right torque and the right traction for off-road driving, and consumers could have a unique off-road experience with the help of this mod. So how does this mod work in practice?

In particular, a YouTube channel called “Out of Spec Motoring”, which shared videos about Tesla’s vehicles, tested Model Y’s Off-Road Assist mode without delay. A few seconds of video shared on Twitter is enough to reveal how Tesla Model Y’s Off-Road Assist mode works.

Tesla Model Y’s Off-Road Assist mode works like this

The Out of Spec Motoring team did not test Tesla Model Y’s only Off-Road Assist mode. The team also drifted with Tesla’s new SUV, using the “Dyno mode” in Model Y. It looks like Out of Spec Motoring has liked the new Dyno mode more than Model Y’s Off-Road Assist mode.

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Drift using Tesla Model Y’s Dyno mode

Tesla Model Y still has many features to discover. Tesla, for example, promised a range of 500 km as one of the most impressive features in the new SUV model. This has not been experienced by anyone yet, but the 0-100 km / h take-off time of Model Y, which is announced as 3.5 seconds, was tested by a YouTube channel called “DAErik”. Tests revealed that Tesla Model Y offers better performance than on paper.

0-100 km / h takeoff test of Tesla Model Y


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