YouTuber spent money on a 3 meter high PS5


A youtuber spent no less than US $ 70 thousand (approximately R $ 375 thousand at the current price) on the purchase of a PlayStation 5. The “special” console is 3 meters high and weighs 277 kg.

The extravagance was done by “ZHC”, a content producer that has more than 19 million subscribers on YouTube. In addition to the console, a giant DualSense was also purchased. Both the video game and the controller are 100% functional. The functionality was even proven with Minecraft.

The gigantic PS5 drew attention worldwide, including record-breaking institutions. This was the case of the Guinness Book, which after an analysis certified that ZHC has the largest functional console in the world.

As the content producer usually does on his channel, he even customized the product. Altogether, they spent 100 hours painting the PS5 with a group of friends. The result was published in a video on YouTube. See the result below.

What did you think of the idea of ​​a 3 meter high PS5? Did you like the painting done on the giant video game or did you think it ruined the console? Leave your opinion on this story in the comments below!


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