YouTuber Shane Wighton Made The Real Auto-Aim System Used In Games


Shane Wighton, a YouTuber made the real auto-aim system used in games The system that allows us to aim automatically, especially in console games, was adapted to real-life by YouTuber Shane Wighton.

We can say that playing games with the controller is more comfortable than the mouse and keyboard. However, inevitably, the feeling of control given by the keyboard and mouse is higher because you can achieve clearer dominance. That’s why console games usually have a system that allows you to aim automatically. In the past hours, a YouTuber has adapted this system to real life.

Automatic Aiming Bow

YouTuber Shane Wighton from Stuff Made Here recently shared a video and introduced his new work. We can say that this new work is undoubtedly very well known, especially by the players. Although we call it automatic aiming, we can say that this situation falls into the aimbot class. However, the final comment is yours.

Wighton developed a system that tracks the target using a total of 8 OptiTrack cameras. Thanks to this system, the cameras track the target and aim automatically. We can say that the system, which has achieved surprising success in fixed targets, gives results above expectations in moving targets.

You can get more ideas on how it works by watching the shared video. Also, I highly recommend watching it just to see it.


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