A YouTuber Reviewed the $ 100K iPhone 11 Pro


A YouTuber Reviewed the $ 100K iPhone 11 Pro (Video)

A YouTube channel, MKBHD, shot a review video for the iPhone 11 Pro, which was redesigned by Caviar. The initial price of $ 100 thousand, 24-carat gold and 137 diamonds, the iPhone 11 Pro, YouTuber seems to be very satisfied.

US-based technology giant Apple’s latest model iPhones, recently entered our lives. As with the launch of the iPhone 11 series, as in recent years, some jewelers have applied make-up to the iPhone 11 and demanded a fortune worth of money for the iPhone 11 series, which has a normal price (at least in dollars). One of these special iPhones is now in the hands of a YouTuber.

A video broadcasted by the YouTube channel MK MKBHD ├žeken, which usually shoots technology-related videos, reveals how the Solarius Zenith Full Gold iPhone 11 Pro, designed by Caviar, with a starting price of $ 100,000 and up to $ 120,000. But YouTuber doesn’t seem to like this design. Because YouTuber says that the design doesn’t do any good to people.

Here’s the $ 100,000 iPhone 11 Pro:

This design, prepared by Caviar, only changes the look of the phone. So the iPhone 11 Pro that you see in the photo above doesn’t have the extra features in terms of hardware features. Caviar’s actions change the structure just outside the phone.

The Solarius Zenith Full Gold iPhone 11 Pro by Caviar is made of 24 carat pure gold and 137 diamonds embellished on this gold. In a special box, the phone comes with a gold SIM card insertion pin, a charger, a cable and an AirPods, also customized by Caviar. In addition, this iPhone 11 Pro is quite heavy compared to its counterparts.

The world’s most expensive iPhone 11 Pro is viewed in:

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