Youtuber reveals prank step by step


William Osman, on his YouTube channel, revealed how it is possible, with good planning, to “break” social networks and awaken the warmest discussions about actions that, for many, exceed the limits of what is considered healthy when the subject is to appear.

Last Sunday (15), Osman published a material showing behind the scenes of the explosion of a Tesla Model 3, an electric vehicle owned by Elon Musk’s company, carried out by a new millionaire who wanted to celebrate the financial achievement in a different way. Spoiler: nothing is as it seems.

“I need to make one thing very clear: it is a 1:18 scale miniature. [The video was made] to deceive people on the internet, and that is very easy, because they are stupid. Not you or me, because we are very smart I speak of those who think that what costs US $ 49.99 is cheaper than another item of US $ 50, who believe in viral videos, for example, in which an eagle captures a child in a park “, points out Osman – who , for its action, it chose something expensive enough to arouse the ire of this public.

William mentions that old film producers used similar techniques when they wanted to bring explosive scenes to the screen, since destroying real cities was out of the question. “I don’t have the money to blow up a real Tesla. In fact, is that legally allowed? Why is the government insisting on telling me what I can and cannot do with my life? I thought I was in America”, jokes the youtuber as he divides an ice cream with your cat. Anyway, below, you can find the prank step by step.

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Osman points out that, although there is no real danger involved in the initiative, it is also not an exactly safe procedure, as the combination of gunpowder and fire can be brutal. Anyway, he created, with simple materials, a pyrotechnic ignitor capable of causing the effect seen on the “Tesla Model 3” of only US $ 170. After several tests, it arrived at the expected look.

So he and his colleague dedicated themselves to setting the stage and establishing the most suitable shooting angles, as well as editing the material. The result? Thousands of comments “canceling” those involved, who, given the objective, got what they wanted: to mislead unsuspecting people. “If they get angry, it means we did a good job,” said William before putting his idea into practice. Sloppy done.


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