Youtuber recreates jetpack used by Mandalorian in the series


YouTube channel Hacksmith Industries, famous for having built a real lightsaber in October last year, returned to invest in the Star Wars universe and released, earlier this month (8), a jetpack similar to the one used by the character Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal) in the series The Mandalorian, developed by the team.

Although it became popular in the current Disney + series, the jetpack is already an old acquaintance of Star Wars fans, since bounty hunter Boba Fett used it in 1980, in the film The Empire Strikes Back. Powerfully equipped with a missile launcher and autopilot, jetpacks are a hallmark of the Beskar armor of the Mandalorians.

However, unlike mandalorian backpacks, which have good autonomy for flying at low altitudes, Hacksmith’s jetpack is a non-functional replica, with the aim of exploring the design of the fictional device, from 3D printing and painting to the installation of propellers gas.

Bogdan Malynovskyy, one of the members of Hacksmith, explains that with Earth technology, it would take six jet engines for the jetpack to lift a person in armor. The team continues its saga, which will bring two more items from The Mandalorian to reality: the climbing hook and the iconic durasteel armor.


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