YouTuber Plays Doom With 100 Kilograms of Potatoes


A YouTuber tried to generate electricity from 100 kilos of potatoes to power a Raspberry Pi Zero loaded with Doom. The YouTuber has partially achieved its goal.

One of the most iconic brands in the gaming world, Doom has such a passionate player base that we’ve seen Doom working on a calculator, printer, ‘mindless’ Nokia phones, a digital pregnancy test, and even a PC assembled in Minecraft. .

YouTuber Equalo, who produces content on art, music, design and technology, will have thought that all the madness that can be done about Doom has decided to leave Doom aside and make a video about the hardware that powers Doom.

Equalo tries to power a Raspberry Pi Zero loaded with Doom with potatoes in the 17-minute video. For those who do not know; Since potatoes contain phosphoric acid, it is possible to generate electricity by chemical reaction using zinc and copper.

According to Equalo’s calculation, a Raspberry Pi Zero running Doom needs about 100mA of power, which Equalo has to use 770 potatoes to provide this power. So Equalo uses about 100 kilos of potatoes for the video in question.

As you can imagine, things don’t always go as planned. Because the system he created at first cannot provide enough electricity to the Raspberry Pi Zero, but Equalo will really believe in this video that he devotes a week to this project.

During this one week period, Equalo is left with a roomful of rotting boiled potatoes while running Raspberry Pi Zero and playing Doom. Although Equalo currently has only 1.5 thousand subscribers, it is obvious that it will have a larger channel in the future with this effort.

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Video of a Raspberry Pi Zero running Doom, powered by potato electricity


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