YouTuber modifies Game Boy and shares Bitcoin mines


Last Saturday (27), a user called “stacksmashing” published a video reporting how he managed to use a Game Boy to “mine” bitcoins on his YouTube channel. To accomplish the feat, the developer needed to use a series of external adapters in order to access the data network needed for the cryptocurrency “ore”.

In the video, stacksmashing explains the process – apparently complex – in a very uncomplicated way. Using a Raspberry Pi board, the developer managed to improvise an interface that connects the Game Boy to a computer with internet, using the laptop’s Link input – used, still in 1989, for local data exchange.

Then, after gaining access to the Bitcoin data network, the developer created a small piece of software using a set of tools for creating Game Boy games and loaded it into a modified cartridge, capable of receiving customized ROMs. Finally, stacksmashing demonstrates the improvised apparatus at work.

Although quite impressive, the feat is far from profitable. Due to the hardware present in the Game Boy, the speed of the mining of bitcoins in your system is well below the desired for this function.

Compared to a machine specialized in mining cryptocurrencies, the portable video game is left behind, as expected, by a large margin. With a production of 0.8 hashes per second, the Game Boy effort seems small near the 100 terahashes per second produced by ASIC chips, for example – a mere 125 trillion times difference.

That means, in other words, that the Game Boy would take “a few quadrillions of years” to mine a single Bitcoin, currently valued at around $ 58,000 or $ 330,000, according to the developer. With a production of US $ 2 every 100 thousand years, it will be necessary to have enough patience for those who wish to embark on the undertaking. Check out the full video:

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