A YouTuber Has Developed A Weapon That Can Launch Playing Cards At A Speed Of 200 km / h (Video)


Emiel Noorlander, the content producer of a YouTube channel called The Practical Engineer, has developed a weapon that throws playing cards at a speed of 200 km / h. The gun, which has a simple mechanism, runs on batteries and uses a double engine.

With the widespread use of the Internet, dozens of new sectors have entered our lives. One of these sectors is online video platforms. The world’s most popular online video platform, YouTube owned by YouTube, and the content producers on this platform, earn big bucks and earn their livelihood from YouTube in cooperation with Google.

There are hundreds of thousands of YouTubers on YouTube. Some YouTubers are coming to users with really creative videos, while others try to hold onto other YouTubers by copying their videos. YouTuber, which we will talk about now, manages to attract the attention of YouTube users with its original content created for a long time.

Our YouTuber is Emiel Noorlander. Noorlander, who owns a YouTube channel “The Practical Engineer”, is mostly shooting videos on engineering projects. YouTuber’s latest project has been a weapon that will excite many people. This weapon, which uses playing cards instead of bullets, throws the papers at a speed of 200 km / h.

A similar project was implemented by Mark Rober, a former NASA engineer. Noorlander’s project is a slightly smaller version of Rober’s that can be designed more comfortably. But it is necessary to clearly say that the weapon designed by Noorlander is much faster than the previous version.

Gun that throws playing cards at 200 km per hour
The gun, which uses playing cards like bullets, has a pair of engines and runs on batteries. One of the engines in the gun transfers the playing cards to the second engine from the magazine-loaded structure at the top of the gun. The second engine has a much stronger structure than the first engine, and rotates 25,000 times a minute to help throw cards. Noorlander also uses two bearings to transmit power in the motors.

Noorlander says that the motors use only 60 percent of their power, and if they wish, they can increase this power and get a higher performance. In other words, it is theoretically and practically possible for the playing cards to exceed 200 km / h. However, Noorlander says higher speed can affect the usability of the weapon and pose a danger.

The stages and use of the gun that throws playing cards


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