YouTuber burned about 5 million pounds of vehicle!


What was the most interesting content you have seen on YouTube so far? As well as newcomers to YouTube, phenomena can come up with scary / interesting videos to attract attention. Just as Russia’s Instagram and YouTube star Mikhail Litvin burned the Mercedes-AMG GT 63S worth millions of dollars.

It is wondered why Litvin, who has 4.91 million followers on YouTube and 11.2 million followers on Instagram, burned this vehicle.

Russian YouTuber burns Mercedes-AMG GT 63S

Allegedly: Michael, who has faced malfunctions since the day he bought the GT 63 S, could not get the attention he expected from the Mercedes dealer. Although he has serviced the vehicle five times, it has not been repaired or resolved.

In the video, which has been watched more than 8 million in two days, Litvin, who came to an empty field in the forest with his vehicle, takes the gas canisters from the trunk and pours them on the vehicle. Although his first attempts with the Litvin lighter, which later moved away from the vehicle, were unsuccessful, he later got up and set the vehicle on fire.

At that time, Litvin, who was snacking on something, presents collages from the videos he took with the vehicle before, and he moves away from the scene with an old vehicle.


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