Youtuber builds elevator to help 20 year old cat


Youtuber: After building a roller coaster in his backyard and creating a robot butler, among other crazy inventions, youtuber Liam Thompson went viral again. In a video published on Thursday (4), the breeder famous for the do-it-yourself videos decided to help his almost 20-year-old cat by setting up an elevator for him.

Named Frodo, the cat loves to sit by the pool every day to sunbathe, but the way there includes going down a few steps, as well as climbing them on the way home. Moving would be easy if there was no problem: the pet finds it difficult to walk, due to its age.

To make life easier for his furry friend, Thompson created an elevator for cats, which transports him close to the pool and takes him back to the highest part of the house, without any effort from the animal. In this task, he reused the rail and the electric winch, among other materials used in the creation of his backyard roller coaster.

The project involved steps such as the construction of the rail and the transport cart, in addition to testing the prototype, carried out with a stuffed animal, to preserve Frodo’s safety. After four days of work, the New Zealander youtuber finally finished his latest invention, painting it blue.

A new viral

The last step of the job was to get the equipment up and running, taking Frodo on board. And it all worked out, with the cat using the device to descend the steps and hitching a ride again after some time relaxing by the pool.

Thompson, who has appeared teaching his dog Max to play Minecraft, said at the end of the video that he was very happy with the project’s success, even commenting that it was one of the best days of his life. By the time we finished this post, the cat lift video on YouTube had 700,000 views.