A YouTuber Brings A Game Boy To Life From 1998


A YouTuber, who posted videos on devices and devices that were not in use, managed to re-run Game Boy Color, which was released in 1998.

Devices and tools that are not in use on the YouTube channel Odd Tinkering are being brought back to life. This time on Odd Tinkering YouTube channel, Game Boy Color, released in 1998, has been reworked.

Game Boy Color, the third most sold console in the world, was launched in 1998. Game Boy Color, which was widely used until Nintendo G came out in 2003, was removed from sale after that date.

YouTuber, the owner of the Odd Tinkering YouTube channel, bought a Game Boy Color from eBay that no longer works for $ 2. Odd Tinkering installed the battery at the beginning of the video, showing that Game Boy Color is not working. Cleaning the battery bay with alcohol, YouTuber tried to run Game Boy by inserting the battery again. However, it was not successful again.

After the second attempt, YouTuber removed the Game Boy Color and tried to locate the real problem. YouTuber cleaned all the parts after removing Game Boy. Then he removed the polarizer damaged on the screen of Game Boy and cleaned the rest of the screen with isopropyl alcohol several times. After the screen was cleaned, it was re-coated with a new polarizer.

After cleaning and repairing all the parts, Odd Tinkering reassembled Game Boy Color. Game Boy Color started working after the battery was installed. YouTuber tried Pokemon Yellow on the console that started working. Apart from Game Boy Color on the Odd Tinkering YouTube channel, there are now rework videos of many devices such as Sega Dreamcast, Xbox, and PlayStation 1.

Odd Tinkering’s video re-running Game Boy Color:


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