A YouTuber Boosts Its Performance by Installing Only Magnesium Wheels on Tesla Model 3 (Video)


A YouTuber tested the effect of magnesium alloy wheels on Tesla Model 3’s performance. Magnesium wheels, which are lighter than standard rims, allowed the electric car to take off faster.

Automotive enthusiasts are testing various modifications to improve the performance of the cars you own. A YouTuber demonstrated that the performance of the vehicle can be improved by simply modifying the Tesla Model 3’s wheels.

Electric vehicle expert journalist Bjorn Nyland shared in a video on his YouTube channel how magnesium wheels affect the launch time of Tesla Model 3. Nyland tested the car by replacing the standard rims of the Tesla Model 3 with magnesium alloy wheels, and even this minor change had an obvious impact on the results.

Magnesium wheels greatly reduced the weight of the wheels
As one of the lightest materials that can be used in rim production, magnesium directly reduces the vehicle’s weight and directly increases its overall performance and efficiency. Bjorn used 19-inch standard Tesla wheels and magnesium wheels of the same size for his experiment. While a standard Tesla wheel weighs 11.43 kilograms, magnesium alloy wheels have reduced the weight to 7.48 kilograms.

YouTuber gave some tips on how to reach the fastest departure time before starting the test. In line with the best practice recommended by experts, the vehicle’s battery was approximately 95% charged and heated before testing. In fact, this is the same method that racers give gas to the vehicle and increase the engine speed before the start races. When the Bjorn started the test, the temperature of the battery cells was about 52 degrees Celsius.

Wheel rim improved Tesla Model 3 takeoff time by 0.11 seconds

With tires with magnesium wheels, it took 3.44 seconds for Model 3 Performance to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h. In contrast, on standard Tesla wheels, this time was measured as 3.55 seconds. Nyland also did a final test with 20-inch wheels and Michelin tires, and this time the car could reach 100 km / h in 3.59 seconds.

YouTuber said the steering is lighter and the suspension is more responsive with lightweight magnesium wheels. Generally, larger rims are used for better performance and handling. However, using a larger rim size than required can degrade performance and efficiency.

Video showing Tesla Model 3 takeoff performance with magnesium rim


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