Youtuber ‘assembles’ the world’s first iMac with an M1 chip


Apple is about to launch future iMacs with Apple Silicon technology, the new processor from Apple. But some fans of the brand are already tired of waiting. This is the case of youtuber Luke Miani, who built the world’s first Apple Silicon iMac with his own hands.

For the feat, the youtuber used iFlex assembly guides, took a 27-inch 2011 model iMac and one of the company’s new models, the Mac Mini, which already has the M1 chip.

When removing all the internal parts of the iMac 2011, Miani used a converter card purchased on the internet to transform the computer into an external monitor. That done, the youtuber attached the Mac Mini’s internal structure to the iMac’s “housing”, using screws and insulating tapes.

With the “first” iMac Apple Silicon in the world completed, Miani tested the device. According to him, the Magic Mouse and the keyboard barely connected and the Wi-Fi was extremely slow, due to the failure of the receivers that lost power when they were closed in metal. The problem was solved as soon as the youtuber plugged the cable from one of the iMac’s antennas into the Mac Mini’s motherboard.


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