YouTuber Andrei Jikh Receives $ 100 Thousand Bitcoin


YouTuber Andrei Jikh announced that he bought $ 100,000 worth of Bitcoin. Jikh, who has over 974 thousand subscribers on his YouTube channel, said that he made his investment in the Gemini stock exchange and shared the latest status of his investments.

Popular YouTuber Andrei Jikh, known for his videos on finance, talked about his Bitcoin investment in his latest video. Jikh revealed in his video that he bought $ 100,000 worth of Bitcoin from the Gemini exchange. Jikh, who has about 200 thousand dollars in his portfolio, has a total of 133 thousand dollars of Bitcoin. 57 thousand dollars of investments are in Ethereum.

Andrei Jikh wrote in his video release that he transferred 50 thousand dollars to his Gemini account and converted USDC over 37 thousand dollars into Bitcoin. Stating that he had an investment of approximately 200 thousand dollars at the time of the video, Jikh stated that he had 7.5 BTC and approximately 120 ETH. In addition to these, he said that he had another 10 thousand dollars he kept in his account to deposit 2 thousand dollars per day.


Who is Andrei Jihk?

Jikh, who has made videos for both beginners and general-scale on topics such as finance, investment, income, stock market, often states that what he says is not investment advice. Jikh, who has over 974 thousand subscribers on his YouTube channel, has previously appeared in many online publications and movies. He said that he was a consultant on the movie “Now You See Me 2”, then realized that YouTube was the best place for him. Deciding to open a YouTube channel, Jikh started shooting videos on personal finance. Since the day it opened the channel, the total number of visitors has exceeded 75 million.

He also made a bitcoin card game

Andrei Jikh and Patrick Kun introduced their Bitcoin playing cards on Kickstarter, and the project successfully reached the funding target of $ 20,000 within 12 hours. It is stated that there are visuals about blockchain technology on Bitcoin-themed game cards. Cards with various puzzles are offered to users.


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