A YouTuber Added Mouse Wheel To PS4 Joystick For Fortnite (Video)


A YouTuber placed a mouse wheel on the joystick to address one of the shortcomings of playing Fortnite on the console. The resulting design brought a significant advantage of PC gamers to the controller.

Since Epic Games has decided to turn Fortnite into a cross-platform game, controversy continues between PC and console players. While PC players complain about the power of aim assist on the consoles, console players say the use of keyboard and mouse is more advantageous.

One of the biggest advantages of using keyboards and mice when playing Fortnite is actually not about aiming. Editing on structures with the mouse is much easier, and PC players use the reset feature of the scroll wheel of the mouse as an advantage. A YouTuber has developed an interesting solution to this shortcoming in game arms.

YouTuber placed mouse wheel on joystick
YouTuber, Tech Yesterday, opened the Dualshock 4 joystick and integrated the scroll wheel on the mice. Then he set the primary input as joystick, the secondary input as keyboard and mouse. In this way, he was able to use the wheel to reset the building arrangements in Fortnite and combined the advantages of both platforms.

The resulting design makes the joystick a powerful tool for competitive Fortnite matches, but probably few players have the knowledge to place the mouse wheel on the joystick.

Video with mouse wheel placed on PS4 controller

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