Youtuber Accused Of Causing Plane Crash To Generate Views


Youtuber: Former Olympian and American youtuber Trevor Jacob is being accused of purposely shooting down his own plane to generate clicks and views on his YouTube channel. Video of the flight was posted to the platform on November 24, and shows Jacob abandoning the plane with a parachute while filming the aircraft crashing in Los Padres National Forest in California. The United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is investigating the case.

The video has already exceeded one million views and has received more than 5,000 comments, which are currently disabled. The footage shows Jacob flying in the Taylorcraft BL64 model (recently purchased by the youtuber) from Lompoc City airport in Santa Barbara to the destination of Mammoth Lakes, where he would practice sports such as snowboarding. As learned by The Drive, it is possible that the current video on Jacob’s channel is a shortened version of what was originally uploaded to YouTube.

Along the way, Jacob says that the plane’s engine was supposedly losing power, and that he couldn’t restart it. The pilot then decides to abandon the aircraft, pointing the plane down and parachuting. As he landed on the ground, the youtuber continued filming his Taylorcraft BL64 crashing towards the forest.

With the large number of views, many experts began to dispute the veracity of the accident, and reaction videos about the incident were published to point out possible scenarios in the video. One of the frauds raised would be about Jacob saying that he “always used parachutes for situations like this”. Several youtubers showed that the pilot never used a parachute on his other filmed flights.