Youtube: youtubeur children will be supervised by law from 2020!


Youtube: youtubeur children will be supervised by law from 2020!

The supervision and care of youtubeur children is problematic. The law now adapts to this peculiarity of Youtube.

Many children seem to be highlighted on Youtube. A practice that remains quite disparaged despite some success. Bruno Studer, one of the deputies En Marche wants to frame this.

More and more, children seem to be staged by their parents on Youtube. A practice that works and that attracts millions of subscribers. Opening of gifts or tasting of sweets are often on the program. But this new practice also raises ethical questions. Some put forward the use of children for pecuniary purposes.

Bruno Studer, deputy En Marche, wants to frame this growing movement on Youtube. To clarify his position and propose solutions, David Barbet and Enzo Voor invited him to the Hot Talk. He first said that “the parents will have to make a declaration and that if this declaration is not made, we can start a control procedure. ”

He was then asked about the possible sanctions. He says that “the video will be removed (from YouTube editor’s note) and parents will have to comply with the law”. But when can this law come into force? “One can easily imagine that an amendment is added to the audiovisual bill which will arrive in January / February 2020. So that seems imminent. ”

An honest law that seems to be aimed at the good of children. Because behind the smoothed image highlighted, the back of the decor sometimes seems more obscure. Especially since this practice pays off. And could therefore attract malicious people. A subject which must therefore be taken care of. To avoid abuse, a law therefore seems to prevail as a good idea.

So, convinced by this idea of ​​reform? It will be necessary to further clarify its features before seeing it become official. To be continued…


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